Return to Twin Peaks.

You guys have no idea how much, how long and how eagerly I’ve awaited for the new Twin Peaks to arrive. In the last 25 years, I’ve seen the original Twin Peaks -run three to four times and watched my Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me -movie at least six-seven times. I’ve read Laura Palmer’s journal twice, I’ve spent countless hours discussing the inner logic of Twin Peaks with my like-minded friends. I’ve decided to become a filmmaker because David Lynch has shown me the light, although I’ve done my best not to try to imitate his work, only carry on his ethos of filmmaking.

I am the arm, and I look like this.

I’ve tattooed his face on my left arm, though I do hope I don’t have to chop the whole hand off like MIKE in Twin Peaks had had to. So, it’s reasonable to say I’m a Twin Peaks fan, definitely not the most hardcore one, but a fan nevertheless.

There’s few things to be said of the original series, before going to the 2017 Twin Peaks. I fell in love with the series like the rest of you back when it aired – I think it actually was the second airing in Finland when I really found it – but living in Finland, I had never seen the actual second season, the first 8 episodes I think, because the rest was never really aired in Finland until later, until I was much older and got a hold of it. Luckily so, it might’ve diluted my interest.


The first 8 episodes are pure magic. The following episodes are still dope, but around episode 14, the season goes sour. Lynch and Frost depart from the original show and the magic portal to the world of Lodges collapses. The episodes focus on making Twin Peaks to an outpatient care village rather than a real, believable, grieving community and the mystery elements are poorly handled. As Lynch returned for the last episodes, the show had the long-awaited shapening-up, but it was too late. Both the producers and the channel decided, rightly, to wrap the show in plastic and send it downstream right into our subconsciousness.

There, it stayed until finally beaching, 25 years later.

The Return. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 10.26.22

During the following weeks, I’ll break down my thoughts of every episode, separately.


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