Back In Shape (Episode 4, Twin Peaks)

Once you accept the fact that you’re not watching the latest House of Cards season, Twin Peaks charms you slowly. Yeah, it’s definitely weirdly off, but the charm sets in slowly also for the “real world” sequences. It’s really the combination of interesting (note: not always good, but almost every time interesting) cast and slowly unfolding bigger story behind it all.

Cooper stumbles around the casino, winning 29 mega jackpots, still completely without ability to think, speak or even take a leak when needed. He returns back to his – well, Dougie’s – home, where his wife is pissed off at him – until she discovers the piles of cash he’s carrying. There’s a moment of connection with the Black Lodge, where MIKE tells Cooper that he was fooled, and that now one of the two needs to die.

We revisit some old characters – there’s more on Andy and Lucy and their son, the strange but pretty fun Michael Cera, who plays Wally Brando, a kid living the life of Marlon Brando from The Wild One. We meet Sheriff Truman now for the first time really, only he’s not THE Sheriff Truman, who was played by Michael Ontkean, but rather his brother, now portrayed by wonderful Robert Forster.


All in all, the episode stays together much better than the earlier one, relying on the strengths of the strange characters, weird setups and hints of supernatural mystery. It’s great to see Lynch in full action also on screen as Gordon Cole, and a reminder that he’s actually not a half bad actor himself at all – at least in this role. The only thing that’s a bit sad, maybe echo of what was to follow, is to see Albert Rosenfield, portrayed by Miguel Ferrer, looking not well at all. At this point his cancer (he died of throat cancer early this year) must’ve spread quite widely, and maybe that’s the reason he feels very like the life has been kicked out of him. Long gone are the days of witty Rosenfield, now he’s just rather sad and sick looking, but big props for him nevertheless returning to the role and wanting to once more do one of the most loved Twin Peaks character, even though it may have been hard for him.

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