Smooth sailing (Twin Peaks, Episode 7)

Finally, the story is finding its’ bearings. This time around, the pacing works perfectly in balance with getting the old story loose ends tied together, while progressing the main story. Most interestingly, Laura Palmer’s diary’s torn pages come back, almost like they were always written to be found 25 years later from Twin Peaks sheriff department’s toilet. The feeling of connectivity is beautiful and unlike in so many cases – be it films or TV – when revisiting old stuff, we try to re-create those moments. Twin Peaks: The Return brings its’ own story, and it’s a well-thought, well-written and truly beautifully acted.

And casted! Whoever thought of getting Laura Dern to play Diane must be a true genius. Her performance is strong as ever – she is one of my all-time favorite female actors, right there with Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron – and she’s pulling a full five star performance. Her looks and intensity also work perfectly with Lynch‘s world, like we remember from Wild At Heart.


Seventh episode is easily the most accessible of the new Twin Peaks, and had I not seen episode 8, I’d say Lynch is letting us go easy with the rest of the show.


Wait for the bomb to go off.

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