Iron Sky The Coming Race Director's Diary

Drunk in Brussels

4.7.2017 – 225 Days Left until the release of Iron Sky The Coming Race!

“Are you a rugby player?”

A cute girl at the breakfast counter at Metropole Hotel greets me with a smile. It’s not often I get mistaken for a professional sportsman – if anything, an ex-basketballer, maybe, but one badly out of shape. Rugby player is much better. They are allowed to be burly, and probably my 2 meter height and tattoos can give an intimiable appearance – which, anyone who knows me, is in fact quite the opposite. I’m kind fluffly teddybear, rugby is way too nasty for my personality. I’m a lover, not a fighter, baby.

I’m snapped out of the positive vibe when I realize there’s an aging gentleman, apparently the headwaiter of the restaurant, nagging angrily at the girl, in French. He then continues to serve a group of tourists using the ages-old belittling politeness only Frenchmen master, ending every sentence with patronizing “okay?”

“Here’s ze breakfaast, okay? Iz zelf zerviice, okay? On ze right, ze hot food, okay? On ze left, ze drinks, okay? Bon appetit, okay?”

And, without missing a beat, continues his rant to the girl.

OK, I don’t really know if he’s ranting or just instructing in a French way, but it’s nevertheless ruining my well-started mood for the morning.

* * *

The day slips past quickly at Fridge office, working with Jan. We tighten the cut and eventually finish our work on the first half of the movie, and then proceed with the latter part in more general level.

One of the key scenes of the film has been floating around the edit, sometimes in the very beginning of the movie, sometimes smack in the middle, sometimes later in the film. We had found a satisfying solution for it already a year ago with film’s editor Joona Louhivuori, but with Jan we decided to try it in one spot we had never thought of – and bang! It fit there like a glove. We felt victorious.

Latter half of the movie has been in much clearer shape already for quite some time, so for us it was just watching it through, discussing the upcoming changes – but Jan’s new assistant was there with us, a young lady who had never seen the film. Afterwards, she was beaming, complimenting the film and admitting she even cried a little in the end. I was happy, since after seeing your own film for 100th time, you forget how it affects you when watching it for the first time. It’s easy to become overtly cynical – but it’s not just that. The changes we had made for the edit have made it much lighter in tone, and it’s a welcome adjustment.

The old Stock Exchange in Brussels, a beautiful building on which’s front porch the youth gather every night to hang around and about.

Dinner I washed myself with Belgian beer and great conversations with Jan, his girlfriend, also a director (we agreed that watching other directors work on set is like watching a couple have sex in the same room – it’s too private and icky to bear, that’s the reason we rather not visit other sets) and the new assistant.

Eventually we found ourselves sitting at 3 am in front of a charming little restaurant, talking to a drunken producer friend of Jan’s and sipping a wide variety of drinks. The last one must’ve been pretty heavy, Gibson if I can recall, thus to the headache the next morning.

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