Festival Circuit

My Finnish Soulscape

6.7.2017 – 223 Days Left until the release of Iron Sky The Coming Race!

IMG_8362The more I spend time abroad, the more I miss my Finnish roots. Put it in writing, it sounds like a depressing cliché, but put it in music and you know what I mean. I gathered a Spotify playlist I play every time I’m abroad – in the morning brushing my teeth or evening after dinner and especially after few drinks. This list takes me back to home, and although the real homesickness never leaves, it helps me feel I’m a bit closer to home and the loved ones. For my Finnish friends, you’ll understand what I mean by listening to the playlist here, and for those outside of Finland – this is how Finnish soulscape sounds like.

Second day here in Zagreb started with a bunch of project presentations. Now, when it comes to pitching sessions, for so many the fundamentals of pitching are completely lost. First, you have to be able to pitch in five seconds your film. Anything longer, and you don’t know what you’re selling. Second, you have to impress them with visuals. Forget sizzlereels from other movies, forget moodreels and anything that hasn’t been prepared for your film, specifically – respect the audience enough to show them at least something original. But also, it needs to be top notch. If it’s not, don’t show it. Third, you need to have a believable budget. A full-fletched scifi feature with a budget of 100k doesn’t sound very good, but neither does first-time director going after 20 million budget. Be quick, look good and leave a believable impression, it’s really all you need. Unfortunately, none of the pitches I saw were very good as pitches, although some of the projects seemed very produceable. Hope they will get made.

This is us – me and Atte Joutsen – presenting Wreckamovie in 2006 at MindTrek.

I had my Iron Sky –presentation as well in front of the audience, discussing the building of the franchise, challenges and possibilities and telling the whole story of Iron Sky – from Star Wreck to The Ark and beyond. Somehow, I wasn’t really able to grasp the audience’s undivided attention in the same way, feeling a bit exhausted after the first 20 minutes already, and although usually I’m pretty good in this kind of situations, talking to a super professional, small crowd is actually harder than a big hall full of people. I’ve done this for over 10 years now and I’ve become much better at public speaking from when I started at Mindtrek in 2006 presenting Wreckamovie platform, but even still today, it’s hard to say when you connect with the audience and when not.

Then, back to reading the scripts. My attention span is so short when reading other people’s scripts I have to reward myself with something after each 10 pages, so it takes forever to get to read even one script, let alone two…

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