Next stop: Zagreb

5.7.2017 – 224 Days Left until release of Iron Sky The Coming Race!

European Genre Forum has invited me to talk about Iron Sky and mentor few projects, and the place is Zagreb, in Croatia. So, beautiful Eastern european women all around, sunshine and five star hotel, and they even pay me for it. I can do that.

(The first time I was staying in Westin was back in 2005, in Tokyo, where I was speaking about Star Wreck. It was – and still is – the most prestigious event I’ve been speaking at, sharing the stage with people like Reid Hoffman, Jimmy Wales and the ashes of late Timothy Leary.)

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 02.19.51
A picture from 2005: That’s me, my weird-ass hairdo, and an ill-fitting suit. In the orange box on my right are the ashes of Timothy Leary.

What I didn’t realize when I signed up for this Zagreb gig, though, was that I had to read the scripts of the projects I was to mentor. So instead of relaxing and checking out films and listening others speak, I had to spend most of the day indoors, struggling through scripts.

The first day I went out with my skateboard, cruising around the town, getting my bearings and enjoying the summer the way it’s supposed to be – not the +9 degrees of Celsius Finland calls “summer”. I stopped for a steak and a glass of wine at a small restaurant, listening to some choir rehearsing House of Rising Sun (in Croatian) next door.

In the evening, we had some welcome drinks at the hotel, hosted by the guy running the show here, Stjepan Hundic, whom I know for many years. He’s a funny, charming chap with gray well-kept beard and Croatian sense of deadpan humour. I also got to know bunch of producers and directors and their projects, all a charming lot, loads of Udo-stories shared, until calling it a night way too late.

Producers Aaron Hillis and Ant Timpson sending greetings to director Aaron Moorehead from Zagreb.

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