Festival Circuit

Zagreb Dirtbagz

7.7.2017 – 223 Days Left until the premiere of Iron Sky The Coming Race!

Great journalist/crowdfunding expert Aaron Hillis giving a presentation in his morning gown. Photo by Annick Mahnert.

Giving advice to young filmmakers is always a perilous path, and I’m pretty bad at it: my suggestion is always to go big. Unfortunately, that’s also the reason so many good films never get made – the filmmakers aim too high, when in fact they should just do something they can finance easily and just get the film made. But hey, I was hired to read two scripts and give advice to the filmmakers, and that’s what I told: go big.

The first project was expanded from a short film to a feature film, and you can smell it easily from this kind of scripts: they become very repetative and the character development is easily ignored. I suggested the producer to develop it more into the shape and size of a feature film – with new setups, deeper characters and more things to watch and admire on big screen.

Trying out a bass ukulele. Didn’t know they exist, now I do, and loved it.

The other project was more my kind of a movie to begin with – a wartime story with a fantastic element adde

d to it. In addition to this, the script was a riveting read, with surprisingly little to complain about. But the plan was to make the film with a budget of half a million, and that’s where my warning lights started to blink. A story with really a unique angle to it, with a perioid environment and loads of big VFX, one shouldn’t try to go micro budget with. Then, either all the interesting needs to be ripped out of the script, or the VFX will be really crappy. Either way, it will be a waste of great script. So I tried to get them interested in the idea of making it bravely into bigger and more expensive film. Might be bad advice, I admit and said it quite clearly to them, but my great wish is to see the film one day hit the big screen – there’s something unique to it.

Outside of the work, we also hit the club scene of Zagreb in the evening. There was a private birthday party on the top floor of a three-storey club, and we had some decadent fun evening dancing and chatting with the film festival people. I was home again way way way too late and knew I had a nasty day coming up tomorrow, but it was worth it, a fun evening and a great time to get to know a bit more of the fellow filmmakers. I was pretty wasted by the time we arrived back to the hotel, but at least I didn’t do what some of the guys did – they went to the casino. Had I done that, that would’ve been the very end of me.

Zagreb dirtbagz having a night out.

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