China Diary

Day 6 – Troubleshooting

Today was a whole new story with the VFX company presentations. We visited another big one, Singapore-based VHQ, where we were greeted by the owners and the main coordinators of the company, served with tea and coffees and were taken on a tour around the facility, finishing off at a showreel presentation at their state-of-the-art theatre. Being an asian VFX company, much of the work focused on big Chinese fantasy films, but you could tell they knew their stuff.

On the way back, we started to discuss with Max the producer the script. It all started by bringing out few little details that didn’t seem to add up, but as the day progressed, we found ourselves facing a problem that was blowing up like a balloon.

We found ourselves sitting for hours at Max’s office, debating the possible solutions and eventually landed with something, but apparently, it was not quite yet there. I had to leave for a meeting elsewhere, so we agreed to continue our talks tomorrow.

Later in the evening, when I arrived back home I realised my mind was really working with the script. At first I thought I felt too tired to try anything, but decided to pop open my laptop and try out few solutions, just to see how they would look on paper.

* * *

It was 5:12 AM when I finished my work. I had typed away seven-eight hours straight, going through the whole script and reworking details and the big picture, and I must say I was pretty damn happy with the end result. I had no idea how the producers would like it, but at least I knew I had done my best. I shot the email to everyone and tried to sleep – but alas, after writing full speed for hours, it’s impossible to set the mind at ease. It took me nearly two hours of tossing, turning and Hearthstoning before I finally dozed off.

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