China Diary

Day 17: Dreams Of Broadway

Yes, as I said before, the wakeup wasn’t too gentle. I started to be aware of the world around me around 9 am, but it took me well over eleven to finally lift my body up from the confines of the bedsheets and into the shower. Also, I had to speak in front of an audience of tens of Chinese film producers, investors, teachers and overall important figures at 2pm at China Film Group, so I really did pick the best night to go out…

I remember I was years ago at a big event, where I was to do a keynote presentation. The night before, we were sitting at the hotel lobby bar with some of the festival people in Vienna staying up way too late, and the next morning I hadn’t even reached the state of hangover yet, so I was practically drunk when I went on stage in front of some 1000 people. Luckily, the only side effects were a dry throat and a phone I forgot to close, but other than that, it went well. But, it could’ve been a disaster.

Thus, although I had had few drinks the night before, by the time I got to China Film, I was prepared, alert and awake and even though I had to rely on a translator, I think I managed to do a pretty fine job, presenting the story from Star Wreck to Iron Sky and onwards to the Iron Sky Universe. It’s of course much harder to keep the audience’s attention with a translator pauses, especially in getting the laughs and the direct response when there’s someone translating, but it is what it is.

There were many questions afterwards, one of the most interesting one was about other franchise products that are actually not things like books, games or merchandise. The question came from a gentleman who produces musicals from UK to China market, and he asked if I had ever thought of that. And yes, I had.

To be honest, one of my biggest dreams regarding Iron Sky franchise is to create a stage musical out of the story of Iron Sky 1. It would be *glorious* – dancing, singing Moon Nazis, 1/6 g gravity effects made on practical wires, hundreds of men singing Kameraden, Wir Kehren Heim and all that! I repeat, it would be *glorious*. And a big hit, too!

Maybe one day. Maybe, Bobby, baby, maybe.

The rest of the day I decided to dedicate to myself. I went back home and cooked myself a nice pasta, watching an episode of Twin Peaks and then playing some Skyrim. Later in the evening the VPN suddenly stopped working once and for all, and I decided to call it a night after few pages of this weird-ass 80’s crime novel I’m reading because I found it lying around in our apartment before leaving to China. It’s not amazing, but it’s something, I guess.

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