China Diary

Day 19: Little Trouble in Big China

The biggest city in the world, and the only places I go are between my office and the darkness of my apartment. The weather is starting to get a bit less humid and murky here as the days grow shorter and we move closely towards the autumn. It also brings much-needed gusts of wind that travel down the city streets and alleys, making the air fresher – but it’s still definitely the summer, although autumn is knocking on the door. Well, soon it’s September and yet another year has tilted towards its’ steady slide towards the end. Time slides.

Yesterday, I heard some bad news for my personal life, and much of the day went to recover from that. It’s funny how a single Skype message can truly push the day off the track. Afterwards, it was hard to follow the discussions and the meetings – I was only half way in the game, when the other half was going around in circles trying to figure this other issue. Also, I do feel like I’m in a need of a full day off. I’m starting to feel a bit robotic here, and especially this week has been extremely hard, since we work the whole day first with the production, and then, just as I’d normally head back home, we open the Skype connection back to Finland and start doing storyboards, over an extremely bad Internet connection, which adds a twist of stress to the whole experience.

It feels there’s so much to do still with the production, yet the first shooting day nears steadily. Soon it’s under 1,5 months away, and I’m feeling the good old panic starting to dig in. If it wasn’t for this other shit, it’d be easy, but right now it’s like I’m fighting a war on two fronts, and while the other front is victorious, the other side is doing some pretty nasty damage to my troops’ morale. I know, it’s vagueblogging, I should just go ahead and tell what’s on my mind, but I’d rather not. But let’s just say I’m happy I have my wife’s support, without her I’d be a wreck, even if we are going through this weird long-distance relationship thing right now…

Coming back home from yet another hard day at work at 10pm, I felt pretty bombed. I started watching The Founder on Netflix, but of course the VPN decided to give up the ghost right in the middle, so I grabbed my wallet and went out to get a bite. I wasn’t even hungry, I really just wanted to see some human beings doing normal, non-work related things.

I wandered to a nearby traditional Chinese joint around the corner and sat down having few beers and some great dish of something I had no idea of what it was. They were renovating, so there was quite a commotion going on. There were loud families around, people banging with hammers on the walls and the service was as bad as you can expect – and the food: simply put – delicious. I enjoyed the whole chaos to the fullest, and even thought about heading over for a nightcap to a bar somewhere, but realized the closest one was some fifteen to twenty minutes walk away in some dark alley, and decided to call it a night instead.



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