China Diary

Day 22: All Quiet In The Western Front

Look at that! A greasy, mushy, lovely pizza! And it went right into my belly! Right there!

Ground Control To Major Tom… Take your protein pills and put your helmets on. I woke up craving a pizza. No noodles. No seafood. No fancy Japanese, nothing weird, nothing Chinese but a typical pizza. I asked Crystal to get me one, and lo and behold, a Pizza Hut box showed up in front of my door in less than 2 hours (yeah, not that great an achievement, but I’m trying to be positive here).

Most of my Saturday was off – I was needed at the office not before 6pm, so I kicked back, had a pizza and played some Skyrim. In the night, we went to see Baby Driver with the AD team. I have a hate-love relationship with Edgar Wright: to me, he almost hits the right marks, but then… there’s always a little something wrong. For example, in the case of Baby Driver, the film started off very strong, grew even stronger – and then they sort of ran out of locations, or budget, or something. You could see they’ve tried to add every detail of the confusing plot to it, and it leaves you wondering what’s actually what and why. In the end, the film left a very unsatisfactory feeling in the back of my head, although the beginning promised that a legend had been born. Or maybe it’s the contrast, the drop that really made me feel like I actually didn’t like the film overall.

Ah, what am I complaining? And furthermore, who am I to say? When Iron Sky The Coming Race hits the theaters, I’ll be the guy with a huge bullseye drawn into my ass for every critic to gun me down if they wish, and there’s nothing I can do about it. It happened with the first Iron Sky, and while I understand some of the criticism, it’s hard not to feel some films are dragged out and used as a punching bag for less-than-mediocre writers to rehearse their dwindling skillset. It’s going to be easier with Iron Sky The Coming Race simply because it’s more an agreeable movie, but still – it’s a scifi comedy with Nazis in it. People will go see it with a predetermined set of opinions and those can’t be changed, not even if it was Spielberg himself running the show.

Back to China. When the darkness falls over the city, and especially when it rains, I feel like walking in Blade Runner set. A computer-generated set, mind you, as my lovely wife noted. And yeah, she’s kinda right, this doesn’t look like a photo, but a matte painting or something:

“Welcome to the Sprawl, chummer. Too bad you could make it.” -Shadowrun

And what about this? Didn’t the director mention the production designer she shouldn’t use such a heavy neon sign, that we get it with much less?

“Night City was like a deranged experiment in social Darwinism, designed by a bored researcher who kept one thumb permanently on the fast-forward button. ” – William Gibson/Neuromancer

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