China Diary

Day 34: Caribbean thoughts

Thanks to the Chinese white wine, the red wine and the beers from last night’s amazing Mongolian dinner, I was feeling a bit under the weather the morning. By “a bit” I mean I couldn’t get out of the bed until 1pm, and by “under the weather” I mean I felt nauseous, my head was hurting like hell and something had crawled into my mouth overnight and died.

Of course, today we were to meet one of the key actors for the movie, but luckily as I arrived to Max’s office, I wasn’t the only one. He was also feeling rotten from last night’s dinner and singing, so we were equally hangoverish as we spoke with this intense, handsome young man who spoke perfect English and Chinese, and whom we really want to hire to play one of the key roles for the film.

The meeting went well, despite our compromised vitality, and afterwards I went back to my office and tried the Internet, but with no luck. I decided to retreat back to my hotel room where at least the net works a bit, and spent the whole evening in my room, rattling away emails and doing skype calls – both business and family – and watched a movie (4 Little Girls – a documentary on a bombing of an African-American church in the 60’s, by Spike Lee. Very good, very strong) and with Annika both were finding out shocked that hurricane Irma is doing bad damage in St. Martin, the place where we went few years back to our honeymoon. All the locations we had visited were destroyed, since the storm destroyed 90% of the buildings on the island! It’s incredible!

So if you are planning a trip, go to the Caribbean – they need your tourism dollars to repair the damages of Irma, badly. Here’s a picture of us in St. Martin, safley outside the hurricane season in 2016. Stay strong, my Caribbean brothers and sisters!


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