China Diary

Day 42: The Meaning Of Life

As I woke up, the room was dark. I decided it means my jetlag is back and it’s too early to wake up. But it took me a while to understand that no, it wasn’t because the sun hadn’t risen yet, but because I had pulled the blinders down the night. I scrambled my phone to my hands and realised it was already 9 am, and I had slept full nine hours last night. No wonder I was feeling good.

After a breakfast (yay, I found out they actually do have oatmeal, but the kettle has been so well hidden none of us Finns have ever found it!) and an hour at the gym, I skated at work. I didn’t have anything planned for the day, but as soon as I sat my ass on my chair, Lei pulled me for a big meeting regarding our recent Qingdao trip.

We went through every location and spoke in detail of their pros and cons. I made a big point in trying to emphasize the importance of the otherwise easily dismissable island location, which I really believed would make a huge impact in the film as it was the best, although not the most accessible, location we could imagine of. Max shared my view and we both pleaded the production to really find ways to use it.

“Astronautti viimeinen, teitä kutsuu asema Maa…”

They also had produced the first copies of the spacesuits we would have in the movie. They were these big figures that were presented to me to discuss the tech and the details, before they actually start producing them, because they will be a massive task for the costume department, not to mention the costs, but after being slightly disappointed with some spacesuits in first Iron Sky, and after shooting one video with paper-made spacesuits, I wanted to have pristine, high-end space suits for Iron Sky: The Ark.

And based on what I saw, that’s what I’m going to get.

Max is about to leave to Iran for some business for few days, so we were about to have a hot pot dinner, but that got cancelled the last minute, leaving me and Mika scrambling for food. We settled in a nice Japanese restaurant right across our hotel, which serves some amazing sushi and assorted meats.

Home – Skype with wife, some blogging and off to bed. Tomorrow is early.

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