China Diary

Day 45: Back on the Track

After yesterday’s disappointment, I decided to gather myself and we agreed with Annika a new schedule for her arrival, and now we have a clear date in mind when she gets here and although it’s far in the future, it’s still much better than not having a date set at all.

Otherwise, the day went past in a blur. I went swimming in the morning – I really hate it, it’s dull and boring and splashy and wet and what not, but it’s good for the joints, we big humans should give our joints a rest every now and then. Then, at the office I heard Max had finished a new version of the script and now I’m waiting to get the translation.

Afternoon, I started to feel a bit weak. I’ve got no idea what it was, probably the bad air quality outside, but it was almost a bit like a fever, but then again, not exactly – kinda sore throat and overall fatigue that set in. I skated back to my hotel quite early and took a good two-hour nap, dreaming of a Mongolian punk band doing Suicidal Tendencies covers (don’t ask).

As I woke up, the news of Annika not being able to come to China next week hit us both hard, so most of the night went recovering from that. Like I told already yesterday, I tried watching a movie, but the Internet wouldn’t let me, so I ended up playing some Skyrim, and started something that could one day be a screenplay.

Now it’s 01:15, my brains are still overheated from all the stuff that went down today, but since I have an early one tomorrow – we’re trying to get an extension to our Visas, so a lot of sitting around at Chinese government offices ahead for me. Better try get some sleep.

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