China Diary

Day 53: Brainfry

The surest way to fry your brains is to have two huge meetings in one day, during which each you go through every shot of the movie. I was already pretty tired after a badly-slept night and had to really crank myself to be able to sit through the first schedule meeting, which, in its’ level of detail, is exhausting. Also, there’s the whole crew around and everyone has questions regarding their departments. And as the meetings goes on, it becomes more clear that I’m missing 90% because either the translation is really general at best, or completely nonexistent, also the discussions seem to spread around every conceivable topic, sometimes heating up, sometimes ending in laughter. And when I ask, after 20 minutes of something being talked, shouted and laughed over, the answer is: “oh, it’s nothing, all clear.”

OK, good.

Anyway, after hours of that meeting, there was a short break and we continued our everlasting shot-by-shot construction vs. CGI meeting, which we had cut short last night because at the end the film is becoming more complicated and it needed all our brains 120% there. I found myself trying to keep the focus of the meeting there – this time, we were doing it all in English and I was running the show – but still, as complications arise, questions pile up and much of the time goes into wandering about details when the big picture should be in mind.

After another hundred and seventy two hours of this, we decided to break it off because everyone was getting tired and there still was much hard stuff to go through.

Dinner! Yay! Hot pot! We took a car and had a very nice dinner with Max and the production team, in honor of Mika’s girlfriend to be exact, which was a great way to wind down the braincrunching day. As I came home, I found Annika online and we chatted for hours. I think. I did watch a Göstä Sundqvist -documentary on YouTube, and then we chatted some more, and by the time I went to bed it was already 4 am, not good given that the next day would be an early one, too.

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