China Diary

Day 67: Civilization, I’ll stay right here!

The red wine is free.

Those words I’m happy to hear. We have just moved to another hotel in Beijing, one located close to the Beijing studios, and will stay here for the next one and a half weeks. Also, today I’m realizing we have exactly one week to go until the shoot begins. Now that is some scary shit.

The film world is buzzing about Harvey Weinstein being fired from his own company, due to the alleged sexual harassment and even charges of rape being slapped on him. For years, he has been the most lauded guy in the industry, but everyone knows about Harvey’s habits – even I have spoken with two actresses who have been through the whole hotel room / bath robe -shabang. It’s disgusting, yet everyone has known about it. Why is it that only now the people in real power in Hollywood – like Matt Damon, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep – step up and condemn the man, but before were happily smiling in pictures with him, taking his money and starring in his films? Also they have known about it, heard the stories, but did nothing about it. The two-faced opportunism of Hollywood makes me sick. It’s probably the same everywhere, but this is a grand presentation of it in the most pure form imaginable. For the most part I feel terrible for the girls who have had to go through it, have been clinging on Harvey’s list for years fretting whether or not they should have had given up and just letting it go all the way with Harvey – where would they be now? Or those who did it, and feel every day that partially their career is thanks to letting someone have their way with them. This kind of revelatory piece of journalism is important, and seems to do what it was intended to do, but seeing the “Hollywood elite” so rigorously now spitting on him makes me hate these assholes just as much.

Back to my life, which includes surprisingly few actresses in my hotel room. Thankfully. This new resort is located in between two golf courses and a winery some 70 kilometers outside of Beijing, meaning at least one hour drive to get anywhere near the civilization. But at the same time, I’m looking at the same rolling hills and mountains that my ancestors did hundreds of thousands of years ago: close by is the famous Peking Man Site, where the researchers have found one of the oldest remains of Homo Erectus, dating back to 700,000 years. There’s a museum there, and I intend to visit there one day.

In production news, well, nothing much but our other production designer seems to have spent days building a piece of set everyone knew would never be seen in the pictures and had he taken a quick glance at storyboards or spoken with either me or Mika, he would’ve known this, but guess this is the reason he’s out of the picture for the most part now. It’s just dumb waste of time and resources.

Now, I’m going to get up and go test the gym facilities of this hotel. Nähdään, sano sokeet toisilleen.

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