China Diary

Day 90: Hope’s End

Damn, I’m way behind in writing the diary, and now it’s only getting worse, so I better catch up. I’m sitting now at Qingdao airport Korean Air lounge, waiting for the flight to Seoul to depart in about an hour. I’m planning to slam through the next 10 days as fast as I can, so forgive me if they are a bit hastily written.

Last day at Hope Island set begun with an interior scene, which was a miraculously good scene right from the first take. It’s not a tremendously important scene in the film, and definitely something we might not even see in the finished movie, but this time around, everything just clicked perfectly. The actors were spot on, the camerawork was beautiful and the simplicity and the beauty of writing was right there.


While the day begun with a beautiful sunshine, as the night fell the weather turned from cold to freezing. Overnight, the wind had blown the green screen to pieces, and the chilling gushes kept on keeping us on our feet (and myself in my trailer) for most of the night. The key scene of the day turned out to be very complicated, and I started to lose my nerve with the stunts and SFX taking their sweet time preparing for one stunt. It was one of those one-time-wonder -shots where the stunts worked on it for hours, and it was shot in 15 seconds, but since there was no time for the reset, we had to do with what we had – luckily, that was a great shot.

Three cameras, three monitor. And Captain Picard overlooking them all.

Wrapping is always sad, but also talks about progress – and today we had to wrap the second actor of the film, a famous Chinese actor who did a lot of work especially on famous TV series back in the days. He had jumped in the role on the last minute as another actor pulled out, and as it in so many cases like this is, he did wonderful work, even better than I had imagined the role to be.

By the time the sun rose again, we had finally finished our Hope Island set and went on to have a day off the next day!

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