China Diary

Day 101: Pulling the same rope

Yesterday we worked the whole day on one big stunt – something that takes only seconds on screen, but involves so many elements that preparing everything, rehearsing and timing them to happen exactly at the same time is just nerve-wreckingly slow. I had requested a multiple time that we would do a test of the stunt before the day, but got shut down just as often: doing something so complex without the cameras rolling just doesn’t make sense. Fine.

The stunt itself was good fun. It involved a ten ton truck loaded with seven hundred cases of Tsingtao beer, three motorcycles and … well, you’re gonna have to see the movie to get the rest. While preparing, we managed to grab one other scene elsewhere, and then went on to work on the big one. By the time we got in the action, we had stunts flying in the air, mortars blasting beer (actual beer, mind you – so everything smells like a local bar at 4 am) and beer cans crashing all over us. Such fun!

Seven people was needed to pull the stunt bike with a rope.

We have one more days to go at the factory location, and then we move to the most complicated part of this action piece, to a highway. There’s only seven more nights to go before one day of rest. Bring it on!

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