China Diary

Day 116: Remembering The Birthday Present

Since we now revealed our cast in a press conference yesterday, I’m able to start talking about our actors with names. 

30th started in a new location, a beautiful simple set built around a triangle-shaped table with a light on it. The whole room is kinda weirdly shaped and small, but the strangeness of the set really does magic on the picture. We shot with our kids – young Wang Liang, Lin Yi and Vivienne Tien, and Rhydan Vaugahn, who plays the henchman of the antagonist in the film. The scene – an interrogation scene of the young kids – played very nicely, and we spent the day covering it.

In the afternoon, we moved to another set, also a smallish room, where we decided to instead of covering the scene with normal coverage to do it all in one long steadicam take. It worked beautifully, and although we played the whole bit at least ten times together, the scene became alive quickly and the whole idea of using only one long steadicam just worked. Fortunately, we had the man in the house for the job – the amazing mr. Ants.

After the shoot, we went out for a nice little dinner with friends – Roope and Pekka had arrived to Qingdao for my birthday as well – and then home. We saved the white wine for later, since tomorrow would be the big birthday party and I wanted to be awake for the coming challenges.

My birthday present: a blitz can half full of 52% Chinese white wine, and a cake. One thing I can tell you: by the time we wrapped Udo just yesterday, that can was empty.


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