China Diary

Day 122: Happy Birthday, Finland!

In addition to Udo, also Dalan had returned to Qingdao, to finish his role in the film and help us out a bit with Andy’s lines and stuff. It was truly a great thing to have him hang around, and we ended up talking about several projects we would love to develop together. I love his writing style: it’s not taking itself too seriously, and he’s always game for whatever crazy I have in mind, and is able to throw it back to me with a nice curve ball. His rock’n’roll writing style combined with his immense knowledge of shit like history makes him a perfect companion, and I’m truly looking forward getting few other projects off the ground with him one day in addition to our Iron Sky -stuff.

Annika and her colleague Jonna at the President’s Ball. Quite the stunners!

On the day, we celebrated Finland’s 100th birthday, although here in China the whole idea felt so far away that I just couldn’t get my head into a patriotic mood. I was planning to give few words to the crew about Finland, but the Finn in me won me over and I started to think how stupid it probably would sound and that they would think I’m an idiot or even more so, a patriotic fool, and would just misunderstand me completely, and decided to give the idea a rest. So instead, we just kept on shooting like maniacs. In the meanwhile, back in Finland, my wife the journalist had been assigned to the President’s Palace for a Independence Day reception to do stories on celebrities there, and she was sending me strikingly beautiful pictures of herself being all donned up to the nines at the party. I’ve done the party once – it’s kind of an honor for a Finn to be invited there – and enjoyed the evening, and she did seem to enjoy it too. Maybe one day we get invited there the same time, who knows.

Back to the shoot. We have only a limited availability for Andy and we had scheduled the shit out of his time here in China, since we have quite a lot to do with him. Good thing is, he is game for it, and is working hard and rigorously for the film. We kept on slamming through yet another heap of script pages and in the evening headed for a dinner with Roope, Pekka and Andy and Joe and a bunch of others from the production. It was a great and productive day, and a fun dinner at the evening.

The glamorous backstage life of filmmakers. The stories we have from these green rooms and trailers… (are not very interesting, to be honest).

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