China Diary

Day 128: Being Economic

Tuesday; another day in the same set, another day working with Andy and all the extras. The AD team has really put together a challenge of a schedule for us, but that’s the way its’ gotta be, since there’s no other way we could finish Andy in time. Tuesday, we started to enter to the very end of the movie, which consists of one big action sequence viewed and interacted with from different locations; Andy’s character and the command center being one of the places.

The only way to get the scenes done in a decent way was to start running the whole end piece in one long scene, otherwise we’d have to drag the cameras back and forth the set every time, since all the time you need front and back shots, so it would be just turning the set around constantly, which would take time and energy too much to even think about.

Being economic with shooting doesn’t usually sit well with the actors. They view the scene through their character eyes, and many actors are not into jumping back and forth between scenes, they prefer us to cover the scene from every angle possible, then move on to the next. Andy was especially adamant about this, so my idea of being economic and fast was not fitting together very well with this. So instead, we focused on getting his front shots for every scene, and then save the backshots where he doesn’t really have to perform as much to the end. I was also worried about his voice, it was getting raspier every take and wouldn’t hold for too long, and I really needed his voice, that’s for sure.

After the day, I was done for. We did great scenes but it was exhausting. I didn’t want to go over that day so we wrapped on time, but I knew there would be long days coming up ahead, so preparing for them was in my mind heavily.

Figuring out a scene with Andy Garcia.

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