China Diary

Day 133: Snotty Sunday

Well, I had it coming. I woke up feeling rather rotten on the morning, and the reason was not far to be found: yesterday’s sitting in the freezing cold weather got me a nice flu, and now I’ve been mostly in my bed, sneezing and lazying around, doing mostly nothing. Isn’t that what they say, the most loyal workers are the ones who fall sick on their free time…

unnamed (1)
My son sent me this picture: “Dad, I bought an Iron Sky mask from the thrift shop!”

During the day, I wasn’t feeling too bad. I watched a movie (Andy Garcia / Dustin Hoffman -pic “Hero” – I quite liked it!) and had some lunch from the room service. I spent most of the time in my bed, catching up with blogging, dozing off every now and then, talked with my son who had been out in the city shopping with his friend without any adults around for the first time, and I felt that time does fly: it wasn’t so long ago that he was just a little baby, now he’s turning into a teenager. Wow.

Mika and Ants asked me if I’d like to join them for shopping in Qingdao, but I decided to stay in, trying to focus on myself. I went to the gym and then had a nice, hot sauna (I may have mentioned it but there is a really nice Finnish Harvia sauna downstairs my hotel!), then went for a great dinner at the Thai restaurant downstairs, enjoying some soup, beef salad and pork neck.

I did do some work, too, of course. Interestingly, the shoot of Iron Sky: The Ark will finish in Finland. We are planning to shoot two last shooting days in Turku, Finland because we couldn’t find the right kind of a location and extras from China, so we decided to head over to Finland to finish the film off. The dates are in mid-January, and finally I got enough free headspace to start thinking about that part. Funnily, I’ve never really shot in Finland, save maybe some small promos or commercials – actual filming I’ve always done abroad, so this will be new to me, too!

I also took a peek at next week’s schedule. Already tomorrow, we have a rough day ahead of us. Four pages of text including a fight sequence, and all the remaining cast working through the whole day – that’s five main cast actors. Dealing with that will be a huge challenge, especially if it takes a while to get the day started, which I anticipate it will since it’s a very strange shooting day all in all. The stunt coordinator has already shot one shot to the scene, so I have to pick up the scene from where he left it. That’ll be a puzzle…


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