China Diary

Day 139: Wrapping The Lead

Well, Lin Feng and Da Fei are gone – for now. On Saturday, we finished off the work with these two talented, young actors who joined the production very early on and made a terrific job creating two unique roles, best friends on screen and hopefully off-screen as well! There’s very little to say after such an adventure that wouldn’t feel somewhat inadequate, and handing them the flowers from the production and sending them off their merry ways felt sad but of course, very positive at the same time. It means we’re getting closer to the actual wrap, but at the same time, there’s still a lot of very challenging days ahead of us. Also, they are actually not really wrapped yet, we will call them back for one more day of reshoots – but the principal photography for them is done!

Da Fei (Wang Liang) and Lin Feng (Ling Yi)

Changing to a new set takes always a long time, and after wrapping the two guys we went to the next studio and started prepping that one. It took forever to get started, the moonbase set was complicated, very technical with loads of green screen, complicated wireworks on the roof, opening and closing electronic doors and whatnot, but the set is beautiful. A big rotunda and separate, very scifi-like high-tech rooms just make a great set for us to use. The set department led by mr. Wang had been working hard on every set, but this was their masterpiece.

We did manage to get everything together as the evening grew older, and shot some nice opening shots for the scene. Shooting stuff in such a fantastic location does lift the story to the air, and finally everything starts to fit together. One thing for sure with this film is that there’s quite a lot to look at in it.

Also, today was the day before the Christmas eve, so the atmosphere was giddy. All in all, a fun shooting day! Oh, and Iiris arrived to the city, so there’s one more Finn in town now!

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