China Diary

Day 152: Zipping Between Two Stages

Even more people are dropping in sick: now my assistant David and our 3rd ad Barron both checked out for recovery. This made the day especially complicated, since not only did we have two teams shooting, but both of them had main cast in them, so I had to run back and forth between two studios directing two teams. Having slept some four hours the night before, it was a complete brainfry for me.

A sunny day at the Wanda Studios

First, we started on the Moon Surface set, which turned out to be a slow one. After we shot one shot there, we moved two cast members to the other studio to do some fight action, while the other team stayed to do some driving action in the other studio. One actor we sent back to the hotel, to be summoned back after we had finished with the car stuff.

The car stuff took longer than expected (those pieces of shit had their tires falling off constantly) and the set proved to be way too small for anything we really needed it to be for. In the other studio, wire stunts took their time and we started to debate the script issues, and just as we were to shoot, I heard the other studio had one of the actors cranky for waiting and I needed to rush there.

We shot (a pretty nice!) scene there with him, and wrapped him for the day, and then I stumbled back to the Moon Base studio to work more on the action. We took some closeups after some big falls and hits, and then wrapped that set, and then I stumbled back to the other studio to shoot more car drivings.

By the time we wrapped the endless day at the other studio my throat was burning for the moon dust, since I really can’t use a face mask (every breath blows my glasses into a mist) I had to suck in the dust by gallons. I really hate that set. It’s problematic, unhealthy and too small. It looks good, but I hate shooting there. It does remind me of the Streets of Agharta -set in Iron Sky The Coming Race, one which had the yellow dust everywhere.

So, a wish list for my next movie:

  • No exterior shoots, unless it’s day and summer.
  • No location which could potentially have dust of any kind in it
  • No gravity effects
  • No big machinery, animals or children

That’d made me a very happy daoyan.

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