China Diary

Day 158: It’ll make sense in the end

You know, sometimes filmmaking can be quite a damn dumb. At least, it can look like it. Like, yesterday. We have a person standing on a rotating platform, wearing an astronaut’s uniform, surrounded by huge led screens that play a completely nutcase video material. At one point, we start rotating the platform and run around her like little insects with our cameras. It looks more like some weird modern art exhibition than filmmaking, but in the end, it’ll all make sense.

Well, at least I hope so…



Some days just drag on, some goes flying past. Yesterday, it was the draggy one. We had only relatively easy stuff to accomplish, but as we started to do those scenes, they kept on expanding and expanding, taking more and more time to accomplish, and since the scene was one of the key moments in the movie, we just couldn’t find a quick way to go about them: they needed to be covered in every possible angle, every possible way, every possible performance. My actors started to get really pissed off at one point, Vivienne was already barking at me: “Timo, what more do you need from me?” …just this one more angle.


The callsheet was bursting with studio changes and scenes to be shot, but by the time we finally finished whatever it was we had in mind for the one scene, it was already around midnight, so hopes of doing anything relevant had evaporated. There was only the techincal move to another studio, and one more shot just to keep the production happy, and we decided to wrap it around 2 am.

While shooting here, the Finland shoot has started to lift its’ head. The production has decided to shoot one scene – that’s two shooting days – in Finland, Turku, more specifically. The reason for this is that we need European setting and faces, and in China it’s always a trick to find good Western extras.

So while the shoot here is going on, my mailbox is getting flooded with Finland side of preparations.

Ah, well, but the nice thing is really to have Annika around. She comes over to the set in the evening when she wakes up, and basically just hangs around at the green room reading books and relaxing. Although I don’t really see her that much during the day, it’s still a delight when she either wanders to the set, or when I run back at the green room for something and get a nice kiss in between the day.


I also made a decision: this is the last movie I’ll do which takes place on the Moon. I’m really fed up with the wires and the moon dust that sticks everywhere.

No more Moon for me.

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