China Diary

Day 171: Watching Oscars

I tried sleep again, but it turned out to be impossible. I managed to nap one hour before 9am, when it was time for the Oscars, which I streamed using a really snappy, crashy stream. I managed to watch only half of the show until the whole stream finally froze and nothing was to be done anymore. From what I was able to gather, it was quite an uneventful show awards-wise, but much was said on stage which will stay in history. I guessed 12 of 24 Oscars correctly – Actor, Actress, Animated, Cinematography, Directing, Short Doc, Edit, Makeup, Music, Best Film, Production Design and Adapted Screenplay.

After the show I went back to the office and we watched the whole film from start to finish. It’s shaping up. There’s still too much talk in the second act, which I will have to get to flow better, but the beginning is good and ending will be good once the VFX start to shape up. We discussed this with mrs. Fang and agreed pretty much on everything, and then went for a meeting at one of the possible sound post production facilities rather close by, in the Russian quarters.

I suddenly got this terrible craving for good Russian dinner; maybe some borsch-soup and some unapologetic meat dish accompanied with a total balalaika show. I’m going to have to find out what’s the best Russian restaurant in Beijing, and head over there. Report will follow.

Then, back to the office. We started to work a bit more with mrs. Fang on the edit, and had a chat with Max about the cut as well. We agreed to work tomorrow and then show the film to him and discuss what needs to be done.


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