China Diary

Day 192: Sanlitun Nights

I woke up one minute after I was supposed to be at a meeting; battery had ran out and my phone died. Nice.

So I rushed to the Jiabo office, grabbing a coffee on the way and arriving only half an hour later to the screening, which had already started, but luckily I had seen the film yesterday so there was not so much lost there. We screened the film together with Max with Tuomas’ new music in it, and had a conversation afterwards. Max was very pleased with the music, but he did have a handful of notes which I noted and agreed with, and then we went our merry ways.

It was my “day off”, so I went back to the hotel, visiting McD (I was slightly overdozed on Chinese food this morning) and grabbing a bag full of trans-fats with me. Back at the hotel I closed the curtains and munched down the unhealthy yet heavenly-tasting lunch, watching Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, a show I picked up thanks to Laibach’s Ivan’s suggestion, and have been consuming for the last month frivolously, already being at seventh season.

I thought the day might be done here and was reeling in to go to bed, but got all antsy all of a sudden and decided I wanted to go out and see some humans outside of the offices I’ve been shutting between the last week. So I donned to my best David Bowie shirt and headed over to Sanlitun area for some dinner and walking around.


Sanlitun is basically a bar street in the heart of Beijing, where a lot of us laowais (foreigners) go and find ways to spend a night. Sanlitun is full of lights, small bars with bored-looking Chinese girls dancing or singing and loads of barkers trying to get people visit their bars. It’s actually a nice walk, though, if you don’t mind the hookers shouting after you and loud Americans and Brits being all too foreign and impolite.

Beijing lights

I found a nice little Mexican restaurant and grabbed a burrito, and then walked around through few pubs, until I had my fix of other humans, and taxied back to the hotel.

IMG_6315 copy
Convenience Store

I’m still circling around that black dog of creativity, trying to figure out the sequence, but my Sanlitun trip didn’t really offer any help there, yet. I’ll get there, though. I can feel it.

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