China Diary

Day 194: Hutong

For the second grading day, we invited Chris, our VFX supervisor to join us to the suite. The reason for this is obviously since he’s doing quite a heap of VFX shots but has no idea what our look will be like, so by joining us, he was able to get the basic idea on what we have in mind for the look of the film. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss visual effects in a deeper and more detailed level, when we are really ogling on a huge screen each and every one of the tiniest details.

Over the Moon, under the stars.
One of the charming little alleys of the hutongs.

The day passed nicely with us working on the image and getting some very nice, spectacular shots in front of our eyes. In the evening, we decided to head out together with Chris for a dinner close to where he lives, at the most amazing, beautiful area in Beijing. This hutong – a residential area – is slightly off the worst tourist center, and it’s full of inviting little bars, shops, restaurants, patios, shisha joints and public toilets, all surrounded by buildings that are probably few hundred years old, low-built brick buildings that remind us of the style and look of the area how most of Beijing used to be.

As we walked out of the dinner place, we happened into a small shop that sells unique T-shirt designs; I ended up spending nearly 1000 RMB in shirts for Annika and our boys as souvenirs, but stuff like this you can get nowhere but in this little corner shop in Beijing.

We finished the night over a beer and nice chat at one of the corner pubs and taxied home for few hours of clumsy sleep.

Chris Yao, our VFX supervisor from VHQ, and Mika.

It’s not that much more longer anymore, but this jetlag just is killing me this time around.


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