China Diary

Day 198: Self Care

Traveling takes a toll on your body. Sitting in cramped planes and wandering around the airports leaves your body sore, and eating irregularly, unplanned meals with very little chances of exercise, and spending the nights in your hotel room bed mostly idly fiddling through the internet leaves you fat and lazy and dull if you don’t take care of that.

Thus, I’ve tried to have at least one self-care day a week when traveling, more, if possible. This means hitting the gym, finding the sauna, watching a movie and eating relatively healthy. This I did today.

First, we worked few hours with mrs. Fang, and made pretty good progress with everything. We laid down our plans on cards on table and went through each scene deciding what works and what doesn’t and how to improve it all. This helped us to identify our core issues and how to work on them, and that’s what we did.

There’s not that much more to be told about editing process, so I’ll leave that be. But after the work day, I went to a closeby restaurant and had some sauted mushrooms and rice for dinner – struggling to get my English-language requests to the kitchen (imagine, “rice” isn’t a known word in China, nor is “water”…). Finally I got what I wanted and ate a delicious meal (albeit a bit one-sided, a huge bowl of mushrooms and nothing else) and then went on to a small shop across the street to buy some snacks for my long, lonely nights.

After that, I went to the gym. They have a nice one at the hotel, although not really part of the hotel, but better than regular hotel gyms so I was able to do a good workout and then headed downstairs for a surprisingly hot and decent sauna, where I fried my skin off.

Relaxing sauna and good workout under my belt I went back to my room and watched Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid  (1969), admiring probably the best male duo in film history – Paul Newman and Robert Redford – killing it in this Western classic, and while I admit dozing off for few minutes, I managed through the film properly. Then, I blogged about an hour and now I’m here planning to try to sleep through the night.

Oh, and it’s the Independence Day in Finland today – so congratulations you 101 year old country, I’m sorry we seem to have a small nazi infestation there but we’re working on it, rest easy ol’ girl!

My home turf

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