China Diary

Day 214: One More Kiss, Dear

Today, I went to VHQ and we continued our visual effects journey, this time debating elements like wormholes, intergalactic fluids and the complex yet fascinating history of the Earth.

Riding back home I got the Blade Runner vibes watching the gray and polluted city slipping past my taxi window. Huge buildings reaching into the smog-covered sky, sun staring down like a bladder filled with bile, to quote my friend Janos Honkonen’s poem from years back.


The hotel room offered no remedy. I was antsy, so I went down to the gym. Luckily, the gym in the building is pretty decent, a good place to get a nice workout. I’ve been rather active about workouts here, mainly because that’s the only thing to do outside of lying in bed and wishing for the sleep, which definitely isn’t coming.

Mandatory Gym Selfie

I did my workout – this time, a kettlebell workout and some rowing – and headed back to my room. Still feeling antsy, I googled where’s the best burger in town and found a place which was promoted being a nice and having a Western vibe. It’s funny how important words like “sports bar” and “beer” come when living in China even for a few days.

The taxi dropped me off in a completely wrong place, so I had to walk about a mile to find the actual restaurant – the taxi drivers here in Beijing don’t give a shit, they just drop you off somewhere, wave their hand in the general direction of neon lights and no matter if the place you are going to is there or not, they indicate it is and before you know anything, you’re outta the door and lost in the biggest city in the world, speaking no common language with anyone, and without a map since VPN for sure won’t work.

rhdrOh, and one more thing about the taxi drivers: they fart. A lot. And that’s like a normal thing. The didi (ex-uber) drivers don’t, but regular taxi drivers they don’t give a shit, they just let it rip whenever they feel like it.

But hey, the taxi drive is cheap, that’s good. Cheap enough to smell someone’s ass gases for sure.

IMG_20190508_225216.jpgThe burger wasn’t anything to write home about. Or blog about, so I won’t go too deep into it, but it was nice to walk around and see some people. I had two beers with the burger, and rode home nicely buzzed and in a good mood. No sleep, but at least it was nice to go out for a bit.

One more kiss, dear
One more sigh
Only this, dear, is goodbye
For our love is such pain and such pleasure
That I’ll treasure ’til I die

– Vangelis / One More Kiss Dear (From Blade Runner Soundtrack


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