Jeepers Creepers: Reborn

Gone To Place, Came Back!

I’ve now been back in Finland for a little over 2 weeks since returning from the last leg of shooting in UK. The latest stretch, which took 1 months of prepping and 8 days of shooting, concluded the shoot for the film I’ve been working on for the last about 1 years, and now remaining is edit, sound, music and, well, release.


Only now, I’ve started to be able to actually gather my thoughts on the last 6 months I’ve been away. The journey begun with me flying to UK for a day of meetings, then off to Dubai. In Dubai, I spent time writing and working on the script, with producer Jake popping over for about a week. Then, it was time to fly to Louisiana, where we started prepping for the first part of the shoot. It took about 1,5 months of slow-cooking preparations in the sweltering heat of Louisiana to get the first three shooting days done, after which it was time to fly to UK.

Dark Woods

In UK, we started prepping with a completely new crew to the main stretch of the shoot. Original plan was to shoot everything in one go and get home by Christmas, but this turned out to be impossible as Covid ate two of our shooting days and after that, we had to break for Christmas. I missed my chances to hit home for Christmas thanks to Covid instant lockup all across the world due to new UK strain of the virus, but found a way via France and Amsterdam eventually home for few days, before heading back in early January.

Director, cold and in the dark.

In Louisiana, we stayed at the studio lot where I had my own apartment. In UK during the first stretch of the shoot, we “all” – that means, most of the HODs – stayed at Froyle Park mansion, which suited well for us to enjoy fun times when not shooting. Coming back to UK after Christmas, I first stayed at the local Alton hotel Alton House, but found it being extremely drab, and was later relocated to a much nicer Northbrook, a Froyle-style mansion but with separate cottages that have their own kitchens and washing machine options etc. We stayed there with two folk from our makeup team with, and must say I enjoyed the peace there as well, as it was a bit away from all the noise and fuzz.

Night Shooting.

Anyway, the film is now in the can! That’s quite amazing. That’s my 5th feature film that’s done and done, and one I’m particularly proud of, not just because it’s something I’ve never done before – not a scifi film – and i’m happy of the outcome. Of course, it still has quite a bit of VFX to be done, which goes without saying, but it’s way less than any of the films I’ve done before, so it relies much more on what we actually shot and how we cut it together. It’s also much more reliant on atmosphere, which needs to be spot on to capture the special nature of the story.

And yeah, I’m excited getting to show the film to you all. So stay tuned!

Gray morning over at Black Hangar Studios


  • 5 feature films?
    The Ark: An Iron Sky Story (post-production), probably never going to get released
    Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (post-production), will see on that
    Iron Sky: The Coming Race (directed by) absolute turd, lost millions of euros
    Iron Sky almost a turd, lost millions of euros
    Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (Video) not an absolute turd, financially soso
    So out of 5 feature films 2 still unreleased, two turds that lost millions and ripped off thousands of crowdinvestors and one soso. Awesome trackrecord my friend.


  • Thanks for your concern, all going very well here as far as I’m aware!
    If you are talking about Iron Sky The Coming Race fan DVD/BluRay indiegogo backer rewards, as we’ve communicated they are unfortunately currently on hold, hoping to solve that issue in the future. Currently we are giving out digital copies for those who are still waiting for their IGG rewards until the issue gets solved, but currently there’s no timeline sketched out for that, a lot of it depends of how things go with Iron Sky’s future. If you are a backer but haven’t received your digital copy, feel free to drop an email to and I’ll get you sorted out in no time, friend!


    • I didn’t pay for a download, I paid for a physical copy, wonder what you used that money for. It certainly wasn’t for paying the DVDs and BlueRays. Just be honest, they are not on hold, they won’t be happening as both of Iron Sky Companies are bankrupt now, who should be paying for it? Why can’t you admit that you and Tero royally fucked up and there won’t be any more rewards?


  • Well, to be very specific, what you did was you crowdfunded a film production, and chose as a reward a Bluray of the fan edition copy of the movie. You didn’t go to a web store and purchase a product that was just waiting to be shipped out, but put your money in advance to a film that didn’t even exist yet. You knew a certain risk was involved in putting that money into such a project. The money, you asked where it went, went into the production of the movie, eventually helping in its’ part the film to get made and released. You helped us to make Iron Sky The Coming Race by crowdfunding the production, thank you for that.

    The road from crowdfunding a film project on the Internet to getting it actually funded and finished is long and rocky one. Most who attempt, fail to deliver. We were in such a great position that we were able to, thanks to our crowdfunders and our financiers and producers who put it all together, after long and laborious production and post-production, to actually finish the movie and get it out there. That was the main goal of the crowdfunding campaign – to make a movie. That we did.

    Now, it really sucks ass we haven’t yet been able to deliver the fan edition Bluray you chose as a reward, but as said, we are working to find a solution to it. Production company being bankrupt doesn’t mean it’s necessarily in the ditch – it can be, if nobody does anything about it, but we are working daily to save Iron Sky, and eventually, get you your fan edition Bluray as well. There are several avenues to reach that goal and we are looking into each one of them, choosing the best way forward.


    • The money, you asked where it went, went into the production of the movie, eventually helping in its’ part the film to get made and released.

      Yeah? I don’t believe that. I can’t accept that such a shitty result (as The Coming Race was) cost that much money to make.
      You said you got it out there. You only had a VERY limited release, just a couple of movie theaters, why was there no distribution to speak of? Why was there no streaming distribution to speak of? Why don’t you offer the film for (paid) streaming yourself? Or do you mean by “get it out there” that you had your premiere where you could spend our money on free booze and sharp suits? I also don’t believe you work on saving it. Tero has gone AWOL and is ripping more people off with his new blockchain project so no support there. And I don’t see you working on saving anything, you have moved on, too.


  • You are free to choose what you believe in, that doesn’t change the fact that making a visual effects-heavy sci-fi action film is very expensive. The film was theatrically released in several territories and followed on digital streaming on such services as Netflix, Apple TV and many more regional ones. As we are not distributors of Iron Sky The Coming Race, we can not release the film by ourselves, nor do we have a platform to do that. Sorry to hear you don’t believe in Tero’s next project (Mad Heidi), you are free not to, and what it comes to saving Iron Sky, I guess if you choose not to believe we are not working on it, all you can do is to wait and see.


    • Several territories but how many movie theaters?
      In Croatia you apparently made $6,901, that is about 1-2 movie theaters. Germany $258,081, not bad but compared to the first one abysmal. Poland $35,621, so 5-6 movie theaters? Slovenia $1,842, no comment on that Turkey $16,482 which is honestly surprising. So the movie made 400k on a what, 18 Million budget? With distribution costs and advertisment you probably even LOST money on the movie release, that is something…
      As we are not distributors of Iron Sky The Coming Race

      Right, another excellent example of your business qualities.


  • I think you are basing your assumptions on Box Office Mojo’s reported results, which I can’t confirm being accurate.

    But just to clarify, filmmakers are extremely rarely the distributors of their own films – to finance a movie, a very common practice is to pre-sell the film’s distribution rights to a world sales agent, or if it’s financed by a studio, distribution is owned by the studio.


    • No? So what are the numbers then, enlighten us? Even worse?
      a very common practice is to pre-sell the film’s distribution rights to a world sales agent

      Yes, we saw how well that went with the first movie. Funny how it is never you or Tero that fuck up but always “the others”.


    • Why not? I talked to several of your investors, you didn’t even share any numbers about how much the movie made with them. Why the secrecy? You and Tero always claim “company secrets” when asked about details.
      I’m not sure what you are referring with the fuck-ups we are blaming on others, though.

      You didn’t fuck up distribution, the distributors did. You didn’t fuck up contracts, some other company did. You didn’t fuck up a court case, you got dragged into it, you didn’t fuck up financing, evil money lenders (mafia, as your german producer called them) did, you didn’t fuck up your books/internal finances, there just never were any proper books, you didn’t fuck Indiegogo lenders you just ran out of money, you didn’t fuck invesdor lenders, you just took money you KNEW at that point you wouldn’t be able to repay etc etc.


  • You are aware that I have no idea who you are, and you are expecting me to discuss in depth business of a film production I directed, on l? That’s quite absurd. Regarding the rest of the accusations, it’s coming quite clear that you are here only to trash talk without any actual knowledge of what has happened during these past 12 years, which is fine, you are free to use your time and energy doing that, but I’m not that excited in that.


    • I actually know everything that has happened, I also “invested” in the first movie and I own(ed) shares of ISU. The only things I don’t know about is when you and Tero refused to give out information even during shareholder meetings citing company secrets. Which is absurd, that is correct, not telling your shareholders about the company that the are part of. Absurd indeed. That is why I also reported all the information and documentation I have to Kemppi & Tuominen Attorneys. There were quite a lot of offenses in the last 12 years, you are right about that.


    • Yeah, next concern of mine, have you gone into crypto scamming now to pay of your debts or why is the official iron sky twitter account being used to peddle crypto?
      Is that what you mean by “we are working to find a solution to it.”


    • So you can’t even secure a Twitteraccount but expect us to believe that you will fix a multimilliondollar fuckup.


  • Ah, but maybe you could help? Do you know anything about recovering a Twitter account? I managed to send out a support request, but so far haven’t gotten a proper reply from Twitter. There is a system in place for this, especially since ours is a verified one, but seems getting a reply from there is a bit tricky. Reminds me slightly of a case when a troll on the Internet demanded us to take down a video on YouTube, which was by all legal means ours and we had all the rights to it, but you know how the folks on the Internet can be, crazy… Anyway, it was such a hassle to get it back online, it’s very hard to contact these huge entities… Eventually, that got fixed but needed a lot of effort one would’ve used rather into something else. Anyway, if you happen to know anything about this, would appreciate the help!


    • No I can’t help. None of my videos has ever been taken down as I make sure that I don’t infringe on anything (music etc.) and all my accounts are secured as far as I’m concerned. Given your track record of security breaches (I remember that your website had a cryptocurrency miner running for some time) I’m not hopeful that you can get this sorted.


  • Aw shucks! I was hoping you might’ve been able to help, as you apparently knew quite a bit about the topic! But maybe I misread you. But yeah, bogus copyright takedowns really are a plague of the Internet, once you start making videos that gain a bit more attention to them, you’ll get acquainted with trolls of all kind 🙂


    • I personally don’t have an experience with copyright trolls and I don’t engage in it but I feel trolled by you and Tero losing my money, that’s for sure, a Troll for the ages.


  • Sorry you feel that way; I must say that we have done everything in our power trying to let you know that supporting a film production that isn’t anywhere near finished online is a considerable risk and nobody can’t guarantee the film ever gets made or your perk gets delivered. That was very clear, all through the process, and is in the very nature of crowdfunding: it’s risky and uncertainty factor is high.

    But, again, we are still working to find the solution to get your perk to you as well.

    My sincere apologies for the sorrow this has caused.


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