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Photo by Juha Jormakka

Timo Vuorensola is a filmmaker, a musician and an Internet enthusiast from Finland. He begun his work directing a feature film with a no-budget, a scifi parody Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, produced by Samuli Torssonen for Energia Productions. The film turned into an Internet phenomenon after becoming the first-ever feature length film released for free on the Internet.

After the success of Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning in 2005, Timo started to work together with Torssonen and a group of Star Wreck filmmakers – including Jarmo Puskala – on a crazy new idea: a film about Nazis on the Dark Side of the Moon, titled Iron Sky. Very soon, producer Tero Kaukomaa got interested on the production and joined the team.

The production took the filmmakers across the world to produce the 8-million-€ scifi feature film. The filming took place in Germany, Australia and Finland. Torssonen created an “in-house” VFX team to produce the extensive visual effects workload the film required – the core of the team later formed Troll VFX, nowadays one of Finland’s leading VFX production companies. The film was partially financed via crowdfunding, then still an unknown form of fan-based micro funding, gathering over 1 million € through fan donations, and paving a way for the future of crowdfunding as a phenomenon.

Iron Sky was released in 2012 at Berlin Film Festival, as part of the Panorama program, selling out every screening and gaining huge amount of international attention, leading to wide theatrical and digital distribution across the world.

After the production of Iron Sky, Vuorensola, Kaukomaa and the German co-producer Oliver Damian started to develop the follow-up to the film, titled Iron Sky The Coming Race. The story continued down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, grabbing the famed “Hollow Earth” theory as its’ core.

The production took place this time in Belgium, at big studios in Lint where the film was built completely inside a studio or on green screen. Visual effects were created by Pixomondo, a big German VFX production facility.

The film was released eventually in 2019 in festivals, theatrically and on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Apple TV and more.

While in production, Timo was invited to China to direct a feature-length film called The Ark: An Iron Sky Story there, aimed for the local audience. The filming took place in 2017-2018 in Beijing and Rhyzao, and at big Wanda studios in Qingdao. The film was financed by the Chinese production company Jiabo, with Max Wang producing, and is currently in post-production.

In 2020, Timo was invited to direct ORWO Studios production Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, with Jake Seal and Terry Bird producing. The production took place in Louisiana, USA at ORWO Studios and at Lasham, UK at Black Hangar Studios. The film is currently in post-production and expected to be released in 2021.

In addition to filmmaking, Timo has also released music in his bands Älymystö and Viihten uusi aalto, co-wrote a book about production of Iron Sky, wrote and directed several advertisements and music videos, and is currently working on several screenplays of his own or as a collaborator. Currently residing in Helsinki, Finland, he’s a father of one, loves crossfit (but totally sucks at it), bicycling and collecting vinyls, David Bowie and heavy metal being his main point of interest.


Norjalainen huora (short) (1998)

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (2005)

Iron Sky (2012)

Iron Sky The Coming Race (2019)

Upcoming films:

The Ark: An Iron Sky Story (TBA)

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (2021)z


  • Hi there! I backed the BluRay Steelbook version of your (upcoming?!?) Iron Sky- The coming Race on Indiegogo years ago. So what‘s up with this project? Will we get what we paid for or is it just blowing in the wind? There are no news for months now which starts pissing me of like others on Indiegogo, and they become more an more. And it seams like this your personal homepage is the only adress to get to a more updated site then the crowdfounding page itself. I’ve got no words for this! One of the worst supports ever. Shame on you. It feels like I‘m being robbed!!!


    • Hey there, Marco. Yeah, we ran into some production issues about a year ago, and our projected release date – 14.2.2017 – had to be moved to a later date so that we had time to finish the film with the quality we wanted to get it released. We’ve been hard at work fixing the issues for the last 12 months, and luckily, we now have solved the issues and the film is back on track, with a new release date being agreed with the distributors – one which we will release as soon as we have all the parties in the same basket, so to say. This is also the reason for lack of information for the few last months, we want to give you a confirmed release date instead of guesstimates, so a bigger, more official update is on its’ way.


  • Hey, big fan! I know the Iron Sky 2 projected was pushed back and you were asking for some more financing a while back for one of the ending scenes. I was just curious if you were still looking for investors? I feel like, given the template you’ve laid out and the plans I’ve seen for Iron Sky 3, this series could continue to build a large following. I love the conspiracy appeal towards the creation of humanity. Nail on the head. Anyways, get back to me, I’d love to possibly be a part of this project. Thanks


    • Thanks, Devin; great to hear. Yes, investors are still being taken onboard, as we are looking growing the franchise; drop email to tero@ironsky.net – he will tell you eagerly more!


  • Hello,
    I would like to ask you for a price for providing rights for screening of following movie:
    1. Iron Sky: The Coming Race

    We are a small cinema with 26 seats in the centre of Prague. I will be happy if you can give an interesting price.

    We are also preparing a movie festival where capacity for single screening will be 160-175 seats. I would like to ask you for a price of single licence for this case as well.
    Thank you very much in advance for your reply.
    Best regards David Paškevič


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