China Diary

Day 10: Home Alone

I woke up for the first time in the last ten days feeling rested. All my stats felt like at least +1 when I crawled out from between the bedsheets and felt my way through the darkened room to find my phone. Damn. It was 1:30pm. No surprise I felt good – I had slept seven and a half hours straight!

Then, the script issues crawled in and ruined my mood. There was still too many things unfinished for me to be able to relax, so I drag myself up and started writing.

Mostly, the day went past in a haze. Sometime in the afternoon I got a call from Lei informing Max had some pretty radical ideas to one of the key characters, and that would’ve ruined my whole day’s work had I started to implement it, but luckily he called in five minutes later to let me know not to worry about it. Crystal the PA (god bless her!) brought me a Volcano Burger (god bless ’em!) for lunch. But in addition to this, nothing really happened the whole damn day. I didn’t even visit the living room, just wrote like a madman and finally, around 9pm, finished the damn thing and emailed it out.

Phew. My mind was still racing from trying to keep the whole complex story in place, so I headed for the gym to unwind. Luckily, at the gym there’s also a decent sauna (decent in Finnish terms – they have a huge room and two tiny heaters that are supposed to heat the whole room…) so my day was pretty much perfectly rounded up with that.

Exhausted, back at the apartment I gave the VPN and Game of Thrones another try, but still no luck. Then, few hours of chatting with Annika, both of us contemplating the empty bed syndrome and its’ disastrous consequences, then dozing off.

So much for the glamorous life of a lauded, international film director…


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