China Diary

Day 9: On Fury Road

“What hath night to do with sleep”, Milton asks.

Not much, at least not in my case. It’s been nine days and the jetlag hasn’t gotten any better. I wake up from dark slumber after few hours of sleep around 1-2 am, and manage to get few more hours of sleep after 9 am. Thus, I’m beginning to be more cranky and that’s not good for a person in my profession – nobody likes cranky directors. We don’t have the luxury of being cranky. The whole vibe of the production starts with us.

Also, as I’m writing this, I realize I’ve become a disgusting man. For once I’m happy my wife isn’t seeing me now. My clothes are all over my apartment. There’s Pringles cans in my bed, a box of some unpronounceable cookies next to it, empty water bottles in every corner of the room and moist towels line the doorframes. Today, I had a hamburger for combined breakfast and lunch and a box of Pringles for dinner. I’m deteriorating, regressing back to how I was when I was a student.

I’ll find a time to clean my act before she flies over, I promise. Also, because this feeling of “manly freedom” wears out very soon…

Later we had a meeting on visual effects and some story elements, but I had to cut the day short because I had a full script to be revised for the next day, and I really had no idea how to approach few of the more tricky problems. So back at home I wandered around the apartment for good two hours, playing a bit of Skyrim, a bit of Hearthstone, trying to get my VPN working so I could watch latest episode of Game of Thrones (didn’t happen, no surprises there…), until after enough of procrastination I attacked the script.

All went well for the first hours, then I hit the wall. Unmovable wall which I just couldn’t penetrate, climb over or ever dig a tunnel under. One of those “this-needs-to-happen-but-it-doesn’t-make-sense-why” -moments, which usually mean that you should ditch the whole bit and find a completely new approach, but that’s not really possible in this very specific case.

But usually at that point it’s better to just let it go and hit the sack for few hours since whatever you’ll force out of your brains and on the paper, you most likely will hate in the morning anyway.



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