China Diary

Day 92: Fighting The World

As one might suspect, morning was not the most amazing for me. I had to get up and start packing early – my stuff was all over the apartment, so it took me a good few hours to get everything organised, neatly packed and ready to go – until David came in surprised saying: you didn’t need to pack everything, you won’t have to check out from the room.

Well, that’s good news to know… now that I’m already out with all my stuff. Nevertheless, we jumped on a car and begun our seven-hour drive to Rizhao. With Dalan, we stopped by at a shopping mall where I grabbed myself a big, warm jacket because I knew the next nights would be quite the horror on the set, located just next to the sea in Rizhao. Dalan went full American in Burger King and placed the biggest single order that place had ever had – huge bag full of burgers, chicken, fries and colas which we then consumed on our way to Rizhao, blasting through the full Manowar discography as we rode down the highway. Fighting the world every single day!


By the way, if for whatever reason you don’t appreciate Manowar, please fix your attitude. Because if you’re not into metal you are not my friend, heavy metal! Wimps and posers, leave the hall! I bet nor David or mr. Wang my driver had ever had the pleasure to hear some Manowar, and for some reason they were not as impressed as me and Dalan when we went on singing Thor the mighty, Thor the brave, crush the infidels on your way the whole day.


All fun things must come to an end. We all know that, so was our epic road trip. We arrived to Rizhao location, checked out the place and then went to the hotel and checked in. I plugged my trusty Playstation in and soon I was sneaking the streets of Riften, running errands for Maven Black-Briar, recharging for the upcoming five days.

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