China Diary

Day 93: Before The Storm

Our production designer has yet again outdone himself. Sometime during the last week he had turned the empty lot at Rizhao into a fully believable front yard of a military base, with a big wall and even a guard post overlooking the sea. We walk across the set absolutely amazed about the work and instantly I find myself sucked into the world of the film. The set does the trick, my mind has been really trying to wrap itself around the big battle we are about to shoot here, but only now I really start seeing it in my head.


First day is one of those half-day / half-night shoots. We start off with a bunch of smaller scenes, plate shots and small bits that need to be shot, before hitting the main beef of the day. It’s a tight day, and fun to work with the cast, and when we’re done with everything, we pack up and head back home.

The really complicated stuff is still to come: tomorrow, we begin a big battle sequence, which we will shoot for three nights altogether, fighting the tides and the rising sun.

Watering down the set

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