China Diary

Day 97: Hospital Blues

Kids, don’t eat your fingernails. If you happen to scrape the skin underneath, it becomes exposed to all the grime and dirt the world holds, and may get infected. Then, the skin heals but the infection brews inside, and it makes your finger become unusable and grow at least twice in size. I’ve had this thing few times before, worst one was in New York where I had to go visit an ER to get it fixed (price of the 5 minute visit was $1500), and now, there it was again. I couldn’t make a fist of my right hand and the pain kept on throbbing and throbbing, so I told David to find out where’s the best hospital in Qingdao, that I need to get there on my way from Rizhao to Qingdao.

Well, it wasn’t that easy, now was it? Nope. The first hospital was packed with people, and the doctors took a quick glance at my hand and told me I need to have a surgery to fix it, and that they don’t do it here. Well, shit. We went to another hospital, where the doctor looked at me, then told me they don’t treat foreigners here. One more hospital… This one had a doctor checking my finger for two seconds, cleaned it and gave me antibiotics and sent me home.

Kaikki paitsi Mårtenson on turhaa. Sen tietää nyt myös Qingdaon kadut (ja kuljettajaparkani).

I was happy to get medicated, but had wasted my only day off in a car and chasing hospitals. Disappointing day off, that was. But at least my finger is now better, which makes a world of difference! At Qingdao hotel I checked into my apartment (yeah, it’s more an apartment, since it has two separate rooms, which suits me very well) and decided I wanted to have a beer downstairs in the bar – called Movie Bar.

Well, the place was, again, completely empty. Only bartenders chatting to each others and music playing loud! I ordered a Jack and Coke (and got a glass of Jack Daniels and a can of Coca-Cola, guess what they wanted to say is make your own damn cocktail you sad bastard) and stayed there for some twenty minutes but then felt like the biggest idiot in the world and headed back home.

Few old Finnish songs, a Club Sandwich from the room service and then off to bed with me!

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