China Diary

Day 98: Father’s day in Korea

For our turnaround day, we decided to visit South Korea with Mika. Seoul is just across the water, only one hour flight away, so we thought it would make sense to pop by check out the city since neither of us had never been there, so we thought we get on the plane, head over to Seoul and get a nice massage there in the city and eat a bit and then head back home.

Well, that was the plan at least, but – as you, dear reader, might already expect, it didn’t go exactly like that.

In the morning, my assistant had miscalculated the time it takes to get to the airport, so we missed the first plane. The second plane took us to the airport, but just as we were about to step out of the airport we checked the clock and realized it was honestly only few hours to go before our return flight – the last one tonight – would depart, so well, we decided not to risk it, and stayed around at the airport instead.

This was closest to South Korea I got this time around…

Good thing was, there was a Korean spa in the airport, so we decided to check in and head there for some relaxing times, but even that plan failed: what we didn’t realize was that the spa was before the immigration, not after it, and re-immigration was completely out of question due to huge lines in the airport.

So, the only thing left to do was to do some people-watching and have a burger at the airport. I don’t really know anything about Koreans, other than they seem to be very fashionable. Everyone seemed like they had just walked out of a magazine photo shoot, and the airport was lined with the biggest, most expensive clothing brands, from Gucci to Bally, from Givenchy to Burberry. Also, the language is interesting. It’s definitely different from Chinese, and people use their voice differently to speak it. It seems to be a great language for different type of yelling. It’s hard to explain why, but that was my impression.

Anyway, I wouldn’t count myself an expert in South Korean cultures based on our visit, but it was a refreshing visit and made me realize one thing: I really need to get to visit Seoul, properly.

Back in Qingdao we decided to check out a big spa built just next to our hotel. We had a massage and some Japanese-style bathing before turning in for the night.

Next up will be 10 days of shooting complicated action scenes, and 100% night shoots, so it’s going to be hell. I try to write if I can, but if not, see you on the flipside.

Oh, and it’s the Father’s Day! I called my dad, who had just bought a summer house for him and his wife, and congratulated him for that – and of the father’s day, of course, as well. He mentioned, sadly, that this was also the first time he only gets greetings from only one son, due to my brother having passed away sadly nearly a year ago, and that of course was – yeah. Sad but true.

My dad and my little brother.

I also called Julius my son who asked me one very important question: would you rather have a million Euros, or endless supply of sausages. I thought it for a moment and chose the million. He had chosen the sausages, for two very good reasons: he likes sausage, and if he had an endless supply of sausages, he could sell it, and make much more money than million.

He’s already a much better businessman than I am…

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