China Diary

Day 147: The Next Day

Yeah, it’s been a long production and we are all getting tired. It’s now more visible than ever before, especially yesterday, which was the last day of the year and everyone knew there’d be a day off the next day, so everything somehow happened at half speed. And although me and Mika had had one day off last week, the crew had actually been working on Christmas Day on 25th, so they hadn’t had one day off in nearly two weeks, so I understand they were tired. So me and Lei decided to not to go too long tonight, everyone had some plans for the New Year’s Eve party, so we decided to do what’s necessary but not drag the day long, wished everyone a nice day off and went our merry ways.


Me and Mika’s New Year Eve party started at a local pub called Knuckles, which serves also a fantastic selection of very Western foods like pizzas, burgers and so forth, plus huge kegs of ice cold Qingdao. As we chomped them down our throats, Rhydian called us and told us to head over to the KTV, where the three remaining actors were having a good old time – Rhydian, mr. Duan and Vivienne, plus of course their assistants (who were mostly on the phone and kept bringing in more drinks as the night grew longer). We sang and drank a lot, and had a hell of a time, and it was around 5 am when we finally made it back to the hotel.

So, that wrapped the year 2017, which was in many ways the hardest year of my life. My brother’s death dominated the beginning of the year and ended with his funeral; then, the Chinese production started to blast full speed and separation from my family took a hold of me. I did have some great times, too – visiting great film festivals, having great times with my wife exploring our relationship more and finding out how much more I love her than I can even put to words. Also, wonderful times with Pekka my great friend, from Huhtamo to Georgia and back. So if anything, the year was both hard but also very giving, probably a year I’ll never forget as long as I live.

I have, to be honest, no idea what to expect of the next year. One thing is for sure: I’ll release Iron Sky The Coming Race, so that will dominate quite a lot of the year, also post production of Iron Sky: The Ark will be in full swing.

But what I hope for? I hope I get to spend more time with my family. That’s honestly the only thing I hope for 2018. And yeah, maybe finally learn to play guitar. That would be great, too!

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