China Diary

Day 148: Seoul Love


That’s the doorbell. Must be the room service, coming to clean my room. Fuck them.

“I’m still here!”


Goddamnit… “I’m still here, no cleaning, thank you!”

Ding-dong. Knock knock knock. “Timo, open the door. We have to go.”

Shit. What time is it.

Where’s my cellphone? In the living room! It’s ten past 12 noon!! My pickup for the airport is here, and I’m really late. Shit.

I scrambled my clothes and ran out of the door in ten minutes time, managing somehow to wash my teeth and jump into the shower in between, and rushed downstairs to find Mika, Jonathan and David waiting there for me. Yeah, the party last night went a bit late and I had forgotten to put a buzzer to wake me up, so there I was, 30 minutes late. Sorry guys.

We did make it to the airport in time. It was time for our every-60-days-trip to Korea again. Small plane, thousands of people everywhere… We didn’t even get to leave the airport after we arrived to Seoul, because we had to wait in lines for so long. Just grabbed some food and headed back again. Well, that’s my day off.

I did manage to write few crucial emails and started to read a new book (Gösta Sundqvist’s biography), but mostly the day was just wasted in the airports. We did enjoy some long overdue McDonald’s meal (they only have Burger King in Yellow Island…) at the airport and returned back to the hotel around eleven.

Luckily, that’s the last of its’ kind, no need to do that stupidity again. I do like Korea, though, would love to visit there one day for real. The people look cool there. You also see much more western faces around. That makes a difference. I find myself staring hungrily at every Westerner who walks past these days, they are so rare here in Qingdao.

Man, I’ve learned to love China, but I also miss home. This is what it looks like back in Finland this time of the year:

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