China Diary

Day 149: Sluggish And Slow Start for 2018

Everyone seems to be getting sick on the set now. The other day, Jonathan dropped off for few days, complaining he wasn’t feeling too good, and today Lei and Lotus both said they were feeling a bit off. I’ve had this constant feeling like someone rubbed my throat with a sandpaper every morning, but I put it to the count of the polluted few weeks we’ve had here in Qingdao.

Nevertheless, this kind of vibe affects the set right away. We started to do a big action scene with a lot of wires and stunts, and everything slowed down as it usually does. But by the time it was already way past lunch and we had only shot few b-unit clips I was starting to get worried. But then, my two hours of sleep last night turned against me, and I started to doze on and off at the monitors while the stunts prepped for the shots; I admit getting a fifteen minute sleep there, but that sparked me up. Although everything was dead slow, I tried to give us the last push and we did finish the one shot we wanted to get going, so all that ends well, is well I guess.

That was the sixty-seventh shooting day, which means we have eleven left to go – and after today as I’m writing, we’re under the magical ten. I would be lying if I didn’t think the end daily, but there’s still things to be done before we’re home scot free. But more importantly than that, as I’m writing this it’s only three days until Annika comes over, and she’ll stay here until the end, so it’s going to be a much better ending there.

The Turku shoot preparations are also in full swing. We’ve hired a bunch of actors from around the world and invite them over to Turku for the shoot. It’s going to be a great ending for this, with all my friends around, some of the best people I’ve worked with coming there too and wrapping up the production in Finnish style. Max will be there, too, and Tero, and Rhydian and Stephanie Paul from Iron Sky one and two fame… It’ll be a blast.


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