China Diary

Day 155: A House Full Of Electronics…

Having the wife over has few unquestionable advances to it. One of them is the best sleep I’ve had in weeks. We had a day off the next day, and I slept good 13 hours, catching up some of the sleep debt I had been gathering during my insomnia phase. Apparently, my brain was just waiting for her to come around and refused to sleep before she did, and is now in peace.

So that was it, we woke up around 3 pm and jumped in the car and headed to Qingdao center to do some last minute shopping before we head back home. The place we went to was a big electronics store. Now, “electronic stores” I’m used to are usually these huge complexes of beautifully displayed pieces of amazing electronic gadgets, floor after floor, row after row, a bit like in Finland or Target, but here in Qingdao it means a bit different thing.

The building is a multi-storey department store, but it’s actually a collection of small booths all selling different set of random electronics the owner of that booth has managed to gather. There’s no central theme or system anywhere, every booth is its’ own entity, the only structure is that on first floor there are more phones, second floor is more about cameras etc.

After understanding the chaotic nature of the place we started to look for the items we came in for. I wanted to buy a drone to my child and went looking for something like that. There was only one booth selling consumer drones, and this guy was quite a salesman. He couldn’t give two shits if we wanted to buy something off of him, he just stood there looking annoyed that we wanted to hear more about the drones, and mostly just WeChatted with his friend over the phone rather than try to sell us anything.

One thing the Chinese don’t do is haggle. In the end, we managed to get the price of the drone I bought down some 30 yuan, which is …umm, 3€, and that’s all. But having said that, the price was already pretty good, so I didn’t have problems to go with that.

I also ended up buying a pair of Bose Quiet Comforts and a pair of Sennheisers for my wife, and then we headed back home.

The evening was reserved for mr. Duan, whom we officially wrapped the day before. We took him out for a great dinner, where we gathered with some of the people from the production and myself and my wife, and discussed the last months. We ate a great hot pot dinner, and then sent him on his way with sad farewells.

Lei the 1st AD, Annika the love of my life, me, mr. Duan alias Fang Mingtao and Max the producer having a traditional Beijing hotpot farewell dinner

Rhydian and me and Annika were all feeling like one more drink, so we hopped on a cab and went to a small bar close by. The place was terrific, a little side street away from anything, and served a great selection of beers. We ordered a shisha pipe, spoke about Rhydian’s upcoming scenes and then discussed more in detail acting and the life of actors, having a great talk. Then, it was time to head back home since it was going to be an early pickup the next day, so we called in in day!

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