China Diary

Day 163: Desynchronosis

Last night I dreamt of this lizard-like creature which was made of human hands, but was only able to walk backwards because it was in such constant pain. Somewhere, buried between the palms was a face of a friendly-looking coder – I don’t know who, but someone with quite a regular coder face – and it crawled towards me from the darkness, talking something about the pains it was suffering.

Oh, welcome back, melatonin-induced crazy dreams, the wakings-up at midnight, the going-to-beds at 8 am… Now I remember how it was when I came to China first time around. This jetlag is going to be one hell of a mountain to climb.

Yesterday I saw the first cut of the movie. That’s always the defining moment of the production: when you first time sit down and actually review what you’ve shot. Then, right there, you’ll either see a movie, or a mess. So far, I’ve always been lucky enough to have a movie at my hands, even around the first screening.

Actually, it was interesting to see how well the film worked. The flow was quite smooth, and never did I really encounter a scene which I didn’t quite believe in. The pacing was pretty good, and although it’s still too long, there’s quite a lot of great moments in it already.

So now, it’s mine and mrs. Fang – my editor – job to put it all together and make it into an actual film.

Later in the day Max walked in and brought me a coffee machine. Mr. Song, the big boss of Jiabo, also came by to say hi – or “nihao”, in Chinese, and in the evening Max took me and mrs. Fang for some hot pot. God, I missed that! We discussed a variety of topics – they had laid down quite clear release plan with mr. Song – and also spoke about Max’s visit in Finland. He had liked Turku as a city, although did mention that he was surprised to find out the old church in the city was every day locked when he tried to visit it, without any clear explanation why.

Maybe Heaven is full.


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