China Diary

Day 165: Baby Boss

On the days like yesterday, it’s great to take a peek at other people’s social media feeds. What amazing lives they live: some are out there, skiing. Others have screaming baby in their hands. Someone has gone to south, to the sun. And here I am, in 185 pollution index Beijing, stranded in a hotel since I can’t use the taxi in this city doing nothing but munching Oreos in my bed and watching Boss Baby animation. What a crazy day off.



I did go to the neighbourhood restaurant which serves some pretty nice Chinese food. I dare not to peek into the kitchen, which is blissfully sealed save a small hatch where the food is pushed out, but I like the atmosphere there. A lot of people from around come and eat dinner there with their families, the food is cheap but pretty good and there’s a good variety of it available. Today’s dinner was a plate of sauted corn and a tofu-meatball -soup, and while it sounds a bit dubious, it was really delicious.

My time here in Beijing will get very, very boring during the next three weeks, that’s as much as I can promise, unless I really grab myself from the ass and decide I have to do something that’s teaching me something new every day. There’s a good selection of museums I will start going through, and so much to see, I’m just a touch lazy to do anything – and, well, I’m working most of the daylight time. I just wish the jetlag would let go and I could sleep normally; then one could plan a bit more activities. Right now I go by my sleep rhythm which is completely screwed up right now.

But there are things to see, and I shall see them!

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