China Diary

Day 173: Chilling with CFG

China Film Group is China’s biggest and most influential film enterprise, which distributes, produces and finances films for China market. With Max’s connections, we’ve created a good relationship with them and they have supported Iron Sky: The Ark from the beginning, which is imperative for the film to succeed. On Wednesday, we paid a visit to them, talking about films and also their recent trip to Finland, which hopefully comes fruitful as there’s a planned co-production agreement being drafted between China and Finland, making official co-productions easier.

His Master’s Voice?

After the meeting, me and May, our Canadian-Chinese co-producer had a nice chat, and her sons joined us for the dinner at a great teppanyaki restaurant at their hotel. Mrs. Fang the editor was sick for the day so there was really nothing much to do. I spent lengthy afternoon watching a terrible hotel band playing with broken equipment very badly some classics until it was time to head back to the hotel and chill. A glass of wine soothed me for the first time into a decent night’s sleep, hinting that slowly the jetlag might be over.

Private chef

Video of the day!

Back in the Containeryard, we did some serious container Tetris.

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