China Diary

My China Diary

I’ve been writing stories of my trip to China since I first set my feet there last year in preparations of the film production Iron Sky: The Ark. Knowing I would be away from my friends and loved ones for over half a year straight, I decided to start writing my story.

First, it was meant to be just for my friends and family, for them to know what I’ve been up to, but as I started to write, I got more readers and dialogue from over the Internet coming to me, as I found myself writing daily, logging my experiences being a filmmaker in a strange, far-away country, working with a foreign crew, on a huge budget film (for me, at least – 30 million USD is the biggest one I’ve done so far).

The China Diaries are scattered all over this blog, but the basic truth is: I’ve been 181 days in China working on the film, and I’ve written 181 entries. I’ve had several requests to put one clear page or at least a link to those interested on how to start reading it from the beginning. I don’t know anything about WordPress, and have no idea how to create an index page where one could easily click the first entry and start reading – so this is what this page stands for, at least for now, until I find a better way. So without further ado – here is the first entry of my China Diary, where you can start reading:


The blog goes on for 181 entires, and will continue later this year as I return to China to finish the job. So, to those interested in hearing what it is like working in China on a biggish budget film, with a Chinese crew, and some Hollywood stars, too, hope you’ll find this an interesting read!

To read on, you can click to the LEFT on the bottom of each blog post, and it takes you to the next entry. There’s some occasional other entires here and there in between, but mostly it’s all about my China journey;

Another place, but one which begins from the latest entry, and needs quite a bit of scrolling down, is the China Diary category link, here.

And, if someone knows how to make some kind of an index with WordPress, please let me know šŸ™‚


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