China Diary

Day 200: Two Hundred Days In China

Holy moly, it’s already been 200 days since I embarked on this journey – meaning, since last 1,5 years, I’ve spent 200 days in China working on The Ark, and written 200 blog entries since my Moist Landings arrival here quite an eternity ago!

Yesterday was Saturday, and Chinese food was starting to flow out of my ears, so I started craving for a good old pizza. I called Chris in the morning and we agreed to head down to Bottega, a great pizza joint in Beijing for some heavy duty pizza action.

First, we worked with mrs. Fang on the edit, of course, for a bunch of hours, honing it and tweaking it to become better, clearer and niftier.

The unfortunate factor here is that my knee has started to hurt again. I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with it, but it’s been like this for nearly two months now. It started on a biking trip with my son, after which it got worse and worse, up to the point of me first going to the doctor in Finland asking for help, but then, as I was traveling in Germany and USA, I was forced to go to a doctor in the states, too. Nobody really can tell what’s wrong, other than it’s nothing serious, but since it’s practically invalidizing me, making my moving really hard and painful, it’s truly frustrating.

It got better few weeks ago, and I thought it was done for, but then it came back – not yet with a vengeance, but it’s really hurting me, making sleep and work both really hard…

Anyway, we went out for the pizza. It was delicious. We spoke of many things, of gods and kings, as the song goes (although I found out the Chinese are not much of a pizza-eaters, Chris could barely finish one third of his, while I munched mine down with a good appetite and left craving for more).

Chris looking worriedly at his mega pizza. 

After that, we walked to a local pharmacy, and thanks to Chris I was able to buy medicine I needed for the pain, and then we found a small little bar that was just around the corner, a Chinese bar with some Metallica in the background, had a drink and headed back home.

I hadn’t been sleeping well, and after few glasses of wine I was absolutely done for. Not to say I slept long, but at least I slept for few hours, which was good…


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