China Diary

Day 201: Another long night

The jetlag isn’t going anywhere this time.

I woke up at 4 am, after few hours of sleep, as my knee started to hurt. Then, of course I couldn’t sleep anymore, so I was shuffling through the Internet and proof-reading our upcoming book about the production of Iron Sky The Coming Race. These nights, they just stretch on. No matter how much I try, I just can’t sleep. It’s making me insane.

And when I finally get some sleep, I already have to be downstairs, editing the movie, clear-headed and ready to take down the world. Which I’m not. So, it’s just quite frustrating in the end…

The day itself wasn’t much to write home about. I woke up somehow, dragged myself downstairs, we worked on the edit (I think it’s coming together nicely!) and at 6pm called it a day. I limped upstairs, changed my shoes (with a lot of discomfort and loud yelling – bending the knee is like pushing a knife through it) and dragged my soon-to-get-amputated piece of shit leg to the restaurant nearby, and ordered some egg plant and rice.

Then, back home and back to bed (to work), editing The Coming Race book and working on the cut for The Ark.

So, not an exciting day. Doesn’t deserve a picture. Not that I had taken any, either…


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