China Diary

Day 206: Rolling The Sleeves

So, as we are getting ready to do the pickup shootings, I checked out the latest cut of the movie and started rolling sleeves to get ready for filming. There’s quite a lot to prepare and also quite a lot to understand, as there are some quite big changes in the cut, and most of that is covered with a black screen with some Chinese writing on it, and there’s nobody around to translate it. But I get the gist of it and should be able to wing the pickup shoots. I hope.

VHQ has been working on a bunch of new concepts, some of which are quite damn gorgeous, so it’s also refreshing to see new stuff coming alive. We discussed through the elements with Chris and the concept team and headed for some Hong Kong hot pot for the evening with a small group. Hong Kong hot pot is amazing because it’s made into a tom yam soup, where you dip delicious seafood and meat and stuff your face with it, rolling out of the place like the happy little pig you are.

It’s nice to be in Beijing because it’s warmer than in the North, without being too hot, but the pollution does taste and smell around nasty. After having spent such a long time in Finland, where the air is relatively fresh, you can really feel the air in your lungs here. They say that that’s when you should wear the mask, but if I do, I can’t see anything since with every puff, my glasses go smoggy and with every inhale clear again. It’s helpless.


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