China Diary

Day 205: Clocking in some China Time

Dear diary,

I’m back in Beijing.. alone.. again. Like Zak McKraken in his bed.


Now that’s an odd reference for all of you retro gamers to catch up on. But outside of that, much has happened. We’ve released Iron Sky The Coming Race in multiple European markets and are prepping for our UK and Japan and US releases that are to follow later this year, among some other territories.

I flew back to China to work a bit more on the cut and especially to shoot a bunch of pickups we need to finish the film. Producer Max has been working lately on the edit quite a lot and I’m expecting to see his take on it tomorrow, so I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

For the pickups we built a bunch of small set pieces in a “studio” – more like a warehouse – some 2 hour drive away from Beijing, to a suburb I have no way to remember by name, but it’s quite a harrowing area: polluted, forlorn and poor, compared to Beijing, a megalopolis booming close by. Even the people look different: Beijingese have a certain metropolitan look to them – smooth skins, nice clothes, and cool rides; the people in this area are sun-crumpled, drive these weird mopeds and almost like self-made tractors around in an area that feels like it’s stuck in the 60’s – only thing different being the fact that everyone has the latest smartphone in their hands.

This time around, I’ll be here for about 10 days, after which I’ll fly to Brussels for our Belgium premiere.


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